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Think there is a problem with your bill?


If you think your bill is incorrect:

  • Look at your last bill and compare it to the current reading on your meter.

  • If the current reading is less than your bill then please call us.

  • If the reading is higher, look at the red triangle on the meter. If all the water in the house is off and the triangle is spinning, you have a leak.

If you think you have a leak: 


If the house has a shut off valve on the outside of the house, turn it off and see if the triangle on the meter is still spinning. If the triangle is still spinning, the leak is on the service line that runs between the house and the meter. If not, the leak will be on a pipe, commode or a faucet. Don't forget to check your hot water heater. Any where water travels will need to be checked to find the leak.

Two things to remember: The meter can not read fast. A meter will only slow down it will not speed up. The only way a meter can turn is for the water to go through the meter and turn it. Also, if the meter is leaking on the city side, the water reading will not increase because the water will not be going through the meter.

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