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Ways to Pay

  • In office at 201 E. Main St.

    • Over the counter​. You do not have to have your bill with you. We can look it up using either your address or name.

    • You can drop your payment in our drop box. Please have your name, account number or address with your payment so we can apply to the correct account.

    • We only accept CASH or CHECK or MONEY ORDER in office. 

    • Make checks payable to "Niota Waterworks"

  • Pay by mail 

    • P.O. Box 515​ Niota, TN 37826​

    • ​​Make checks payable to "Niota Waterworks"​

  • Online


    • Must have account number and amount due

    • This is the only official website that will be accepted by the Niota Water Department. 

* Please note: There is a convenience fee if paying online. *

   We are improving our payment system! Our NEW credit/debit card system is called 'CITISEN PORTAL'. The processing fee has also been lowered to 2.5% instead of in the past at 4%. the website is called When you first use this site, you will do a simple 'one-time set up'  to set up an account for easier future use. Once you are all set up, you will be able to view your past bill history. Be sure when you are creating your account to enter your name and account number EXACTLY as it is listed on your bill. If you don't have this information to register, please call our office at 423-568-2579 so we can help you with it. You may also 'Pay as guest' without registering, but you will need to enter all of your information every time. Payments taken after 6pm will be credited the next business day.

You may also call our toll free number at: 1-855-999-2613 toll free.

When you register online please use your last name then your first. When you enter your account number please enter all of the zeroes listed. 

If you have any questions or need help setting up your online account, please give us a call!

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